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Wreckfinder is the no.1 best selling iPhone, iPad and Android application for finding shipwrecks in UK and Irish costal waters. It's used by Divers and Anglers. 

The new version is currently being built and due to launch in the next couple of weeks. 

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Access Over 20,000 Wrecks Around The UK and Ireland
Over 12,000 wrecks with full GPS Latitude and Longitude coordinates, so you'll never be short of a dive or fishing spot! 
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More Than 20,000 Official Wreck Sites With GPS Coordinates

Wreckfinder details more than 20,000 official wrecks in the UK & Irish costal waters (including the channel islands)

Wrecks Are Downloaded Onto Your Device For Offline Useage

All the wrecks are downloaded with the application so you don't need mobile signal to use the app

Official Wreck Data

The Wreck Data is provided by the UK admiralty

Full Latitude Longitude GPS Coordinates provided for entry into your electronic devices

You can enter the latitude and longitude coordinates into your own electronic devices for easy navigation etc. 
Featured In Many Leading UK Publications
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